Researching Hannah Stone Campbell, Ancestor #8/52

Here is the main post for Hannah Stone Campbell (c.1800 – c.1870), Ancestor #8/52

Hannah Stone Campbell in the Records

What I really want to focus on is Hannah’s life in Flat Branch Township, Shelby County, Illinois. The first years of her life also need work, but not here.

c.1844 | Born, Hannah and Jeremiah’s last child, Nancy Campbell. She was their 11th child.

1844 | 22 Jan. Married, Hannah and Jeremiah’s daughter Mary Campbell to William H. JACOBS, Macon County, Ill.

1844 | 10 Jul. Land buy. Jeremiah Campbell bought 40 acres in Flat Branch Township: the SE1/4 of the SE1/4 of Sec. 8, Twp. 13-N, Range 2-E. The land was bought according to an 1820 Act of Congress–“An Act making further provision for the sale of the Public Lands.” This law required full payment at the time of purchase and registration. The minimum price was reduced by the act to $1.25 per acre. I don’t know what Jeremiah paid for the land. I was under the impression that he was given land because of his participation in the War of 1812. If this were the case, he would have been issued 160 acres of bounty land in Illinois. I don’t see a bounty land warrant for him. I need to find his land records in the courthouse.


Jeremiah’s 40 acres in Sec. 8.

He also bought 120 acres in Sec. 9: E1/2 of SE1/4 and SE1/4 of NE1/4, Twp. 13-N, Sec. 9.


Jeremiah’s 120 acres in Sec. 9 of Flat Branch Twp.

Here’s part of the patent map for Flat Branch Twp., showing Sections 4, 5, 9, 8, and 16, 17. Jeremiah’s land is marked in yellow.


A detail of the plat map for Flat Branch Twp., showing the original land patents and the year they were acquired. From Family Maps of Shelby County, Illinois, by Gregory A. Boyd, J.D.

So according to the records, Jeremiah Campbell had 160 acres of land in Sec. 8 and Sec. 9 of Flat Branch Twp. Jeremiah would live less than 10 years after acquiring the land. The 1850 census indicates that he owned $2,000 worth of real estate, somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 an acre. Question: Did he own the land when he died?

1847 | 14 Jan. Married, Hannah and Jeremiah’s daughter, Sarah Campbell to Abner M. JACOBS, Macon County, Ill.

1847 | 11 Mar. Married, Hannah and Jeremiah’s son, John Campbell to Mary “Polly” ARMSTRONG, Shelby County, Ill. Mary Armstrong was the daughter of a prominent pioneer family, John Armstrong and Jane Roach Armstrong.

1847 | 23 Jul. Married, Hannah and Jeremiah’s daughter, Elizabeth Campbell to Abraham GORDON, Shelby County, Ill.

1847 | 25 Oct. Died, Infant daughter of Sarah Campbell and Abner Jacobs. Buried at Jacobs Cemetery, Moweaqua, Christian County, Ill.

c.1848 | Born in Shelby County, Hannah’s granddaughter to John Campbell and Mary “Polly” Armstrong, Harriett Campbell. Harriett is important in the Hannah Campbell Land Search because she marries Roland Meryman who ends up owning part of the land once owned by Jeremiah Campbell. So did that land go from John (who died in 1854) to Harriett to her husband Roland? I need to find the land records.

c.1849 | Born in Shelby County, to Elizabeth Campbell and Abraham Gordon, Jane Gordon.

1850 | Residing, Flat Branch, Shelby County, Ill. I’ve detailed the Jeremiah Campbell family in the 1850 census at Hannah Stone Campbell’s main page. Hannah is 50 years old; she and Jeremiah are farming with seven children in the household, ages 19-6. Two of the older boys are out of school and probably able to help with the farm. Four married older children live in the vicinity.

1851 | 31 Oct. Jeremiah Campbell dies at the age of 54. His burial place has never been found. Most likely he was buried in the Cemetery Name Not Known (aka Campbell Cemetery) that was located on or near his land in Sec. 9. Jeremiah died intestate; his widow Hannah applied for and was made administrator of his estate.

1851 | 1 Dec. The letters of administration were signed by Hannah Campbell, James Tolly, John Armstrong, John Casey, and A. C. Campbell. They put up a bond of $4,000.
A. C. [Alfred Carter Sr.] Campbell was Jeremiah Campbell’s nephew. He owned land next to Jeremiah’s.

1852 | 16 Jan. Jeremiah Campbell’s personal property was inventoried.

1853 | 2 Jun. A list of the widow and children of Jeremiah Campbell to be paid from the estate of Jeremiah Campbell. This is a good snapshot of the children–who was married and to whom, who was still single by 1853 and where they were living.

Hannah Campbell, Widow

John Campbell [the document leaves out his wife, Mary “Polly” Armstrong]. John was doing quite well for himself. In the 1850 census, he’s 26 years old and married to Polly, has two children, and owns $960 in real estate. He’s living in Flat Branch, image 7/9 at John died in 1854.

William Jacobs & Mary Campbell Jacobs. William Jacobs died in 1854, buried at Jacobs Cemetery. Mary probably died as well, since her daughter Mary Jane is living with Hannah Campbell in the 1860 census.

Abraham Gordon & Elizabeth Campbell. They’re in the 1850 census for Flat Branch, living in the dwelling next to Jeremiah & Hannah. Elizabeth died in 1854 and she’s buried at Tolly Cemetery. Abraham and Elizabeth belonged to the Predestinarian Baptist Church and Tolly Cemetery was where a lot of people from that church were buried. Abraham remarried after Elizabeth’s death.

Abner Jacobs & Sarah Campbell. They’re living in Christian County in 1850. Abner’s doing well with $800 of real estate. An infant daughter died in 1847 and an infant son died in 1851. Abner died in 1854. It’s unknown when Sarah died, but her surviving child is living with Hannah Campbell in the 1860 census.

Joseph Campbell. Why isn’t his wife mentioned, Amadella Lillie Biggs? They were married in 1852. By 1860 they were in Missouri–later moved to Oregon. Joseph fought in the Civil War in Missouri.

William Campbell. He’s living with his parents (age 17) in the 1850 census. William married Phereby Merriman in 1857 and died of disease in the Civil War in 1863.

Eliza Jane Campbell. Eliza was living with her parents in the 1850 census. Her first marriage wasn’t until 1855–to Isom Simmons who died in 1864 in the Civil War. Eliza and Isom’s 3-year-old child died in 1859, buried at Campbell Cemetery (documented).

Louisa Campbell. Louisa was living with her parents in the 1850 census. She married Joseph Goodwin in 1857. He survived the Civil War. Louisa died in 1859 and is buried at Tolly Cemetery. Their daughter Sarah is living with Hannah Campbell in the 1860 census.

Henry H. Campbell. Henry was living with his parents in the 1850 census. He fought in and apparently survived the Civil War. He is said to have married Elizabeth Jane Abbott in 1857. There’s also a Henry Campbell who married a Sarah Chatham in 1858 in Shelby County. An ancestor tells me Elizabeth Jane & Henry left orphan twins, Argie and Arthur, born in 1871. She has no further information. It’s possible that her information is incorrect, since “Campbell” is such a common surname. I can’t find him beyond the marriage record to Sarah Chatham, and that might not be him.

Nathaniel Campbell. Nathaniel Taylor Campbell, sometimes known as Taylor. He was living with his parents in the 1850 census. Then he was living with his widowed mother in the 1860 census, age 18, single. He fought in and survived the Civil War. Then he married Sarah Gordon in 1867. He owned no land in the 1870 census. He was widowed in 1880. He eventually went to California where he was a “placer miner.” He returned to Illinois and died in 1914 at the age of 72 in the county infirmary (where people went who had no money and no family). He’s buried at the IOOF Cemetery in Decatur, Ill., since before he died someone recognized him as an “old soldier”–from his obituary.

Nancy Campbell. She was living with her parents in the 1850 census. She was 16 years old in the 1860 census and living with her widowed mother. After that she disappears from the records, largely because it can’t be determined which of several “Nancy Campbell’s” she is in the Illinois marriage index. None of them are a Nancy Campbell from Shelby County–or even a nearby county.

1853 | 29 Dec. Born, Hannah’s granddaughter, to John Campbell and Mary “Polly” Armstrong Campbell, a daughter Mary E. Campbell. Mary E. would live to be 90 years old, living her entire life in the Moweaqua area, Shelby County. She married James Casey in 1872–the Casey’s another prominent pioneer family.

1854 | 10 Mar. Died, William H. Jacobs, husband of Mary Campbell Jacobs. Buried at Jacobs Cemetery, Christian County, Ill.

1854 | 9 Apr. Died, Abner H. Jacobs, husband of Sarah Campbell Jacobs. Buried at Jacobs Cemetery, Christian Co., Ill.

1854 | 10 Aug. Died, Elizabeth Campbell Gordon, Hannah’s daughter. Buried at Tolly Cemetery.

1854 | 31 Dec. Died, John Campbell, Hannah’s son. Buried at Tolly Cemetery. He probably died intestate. You need to look for his estate administration papers. Who got his land? Look for land records for John. His widow is in the 1870 census with $4,000 of real estate. Did this come from her Armstrong family, or was it John’s land?

1855 | 28 Jun. Married, Hannah’s daughter, Eliza Jane Campbell to Isom Simmons.

1855 | 3 Jul. Illinois State Census. Hannah Campbell is the head of the family. Living with her are 2 males age 10-20; 1 male age 20-30; 2 females age 10-20; 1 female age 50-60 (this is Hannah). Based on their ages, living with Hannah are her children, all single: William Carter, Louisa, Henry, Nathan, and Nancy. One male is old enough for the Militia.


Hannah Campbell in the 1855 Illinois state census. Image 4/39 at for Shelby, Ill.

1856 | 24 May. Born, Hannah’s grandchild, to Eliza Jane and Isom Simmons.

1857 | 24 Mar. Married, Hannah’s son William Campbell and Phereby Elzina Merriman (alternately spelled). Some records have her name as “Eliza.”

1857 | 16 Aug. Married, Hannah’s daughter Louisa Campbell and Joseph Goodwin. Shelby County.

c.1858 | Born, Sarah Goodwin, Hannah’s granddaughter, to Louisa Campbell and Joseph Goodwin. Shelby County. This child will be found living with Hannah Campbell in the 1860 census.

1858 | 19 Mar. Born, Sarah J Campbell, Hannah’s granddaughter, to William Campbell and Phereby Elzina. The date comes from the Widow’s Pension File for William Campbell.

1858 | 3 Apr. Born, twins, Alfred and Hannah, Hannah’s grandchildren, to Eliza Jane Campbell and Isom Simmons. Shelby County. These twins lived to adulthood.

1859 | 12 Feb. Died, Hannah’s daughter Louisa Campbell Goodwin. Louisa is buried at Tolly Cemetery.

1859 | 5 Nov. Died, Hannah’s grandchild, 3-year-old child of Eliza Jane and Isom Simmons. Burial documented by gravestone, buried at “Cemetery Unknown” or Campbell Cemetery, the one in Sec. 9 near Jeremiah and Hannah’s land that was destroyed.

1860 | 10 Jul. U.S. federal census. Hannah Campbell, living in Flat Branch Twp. Living with her is her son Nathaniel (age 18), daughter Nancy (age 15), plus granddaughters Mary Jane Jacobs (age 8) and Sarah “Gooden” [Goodwin] (age 2). Hannah is 60 years old, b. Virginia. [In the 1850 census, she was b. North Carolina.] She has real estate valued at $5,000. Obviously she still owns at least some (and probably most if not all) of Jeremiah’s land. In the last column, the “1” indicates “Persons over 20 y’rs of age who cannot read & write.” The column to the left of that is “Attended school within the year.” It’s interesting that 18-year-old Nathaniel is marked as having attended school within the year. He certainly got more education that his older siblings–Nancy as well.


Hannah Campbell in the 1860 federal census for “Subdivision 66,” Moweaqua Post Office, Shelby Co., Ill. Image 82/127 at

1865 | Illinois state census. Hannah Campbell household: 1 female 10 and under; 1 female over 10 and under 20; 1 female over 60 and under 70. The two young females are probably the granddaughters who were living with her in the 1860 census: Mary Jane Jacobs (who would be age 13) and Sarah Goodwin (who would be age 7). Mary Jane Jacobs was Mary Campbell and William H. Jacobs’ daughter; Sarah Goodwin was Louisa Campbell and Joseph Goodwin’s daughter. Where are these two girls in the 1870 census?

1867 | 1 May. Testimony. Hannah Campbell testifies in a document that is part of her daughter Eliza Jane Simmons’ Civil War Widow’s Pension Application. This is the last sighting I have of Hannah in the records. If she died in Flat Branch, Shelby Co., Ill., as I believe, then there should be some record of either a will or letters of administration of her estate.


Hannah Campbell makes her mark, testifying that Eliza Jane Simmons is the mother of “said children.” 1 May 1867, signed in Shelby County, Ill.

1868 | 19 Nov. Married. Mary J Jacobs married Hiram L Baker. Is this the right Mary J Jacobs? They are found in the 1880 census for Falls Twp., Chase Co., Kansas. I’m not finding them in the 1870 census.

1870 | Jul. U.S. federal census. Joseph Goodwin, age 39, and his daughter Sarah Goodwin, age 12, are living in Flat Branch Twp., Shelby Co. Joseph has 4,000 worth of real estate. Where did he get all that land? Where was Joseph in the 1860 and 1865 census? Why was Sarah living with her grandmother and not with Joseph? Joseph married again, for the third time. His first wife was Harriet Armstrong; his second wife was Louisa Campbell; his third wife was the sister of his first wife, Nancy Armstrong. Joseph died in 1875 at the age of 44. He was a farmer in Penn Twp., Shelby Co., Ill. in the last years of his life. What happened to Sarah? At this point she disappears from the records.

1870 | Jul. U.S. federal census. Mary Campbell, widow of John Campbell, Hannah Campbell’s oldest son, is living in Flat Branch with her daughter Mary and son Joseph. Mary’s real estate is valued at $4,000.

What is needed at this point is a visit to the Shelby County courthouse to see what records I can find for Hannah Campbell–land records and estate administration papers.

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