52 Ancestors: #6 of 52: The “Greats” of the Netherlands, So Far Away


52ancestors_2015_06The theme for 52 Ancestors, Week #6: So Far Away–Which ancestor is the farthest from you, either in distance or in time/generations? Which ancestor have you had to go the farthest away to research?


The Friesland flag

This week’s entry for 52 Ancestors is going to be a departure from the usual one person focus of these posts. I don’t know a whole lot about my paternal great grandparents–and 2nd and 3rd greats, etc.–who lived in the Netherlands. My father’s parents, and their parents, going back as far as I can find, all came from a northern province in the Netherlands called Friesland. For a lot of these people, all I have are names and dates and the town or village they came from. I thought it might be useful to take these “Greats” as a group and put them all on a map so that I can figure out who was from where, how far apart from each other the families lived, where they might have been buried, if their grave sites still exist, where or if records can be found, and so on.

I’ll continue to use the research timeline format for this week’s post, since I find timelines an informal and useful way to both write about and think about these ancestors, especially a group of ancestors like this one.

These people represent half of my DNA–from my paternal side–and over 95% of them were born, lived, and died in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. The others lived or were associated with either Groningen or Drenthe. So 100% of my paternal DNA, going back through my 4x great grandparents (and probably a lot farther than that) were from northeast Netherlands. We genealogists know that everyone has 8 paternal 2x great grandparents, 16 paternal 3x great grandparents, and 32 paternal 4x great grandparents. So I will be working with 56 paternal ancestors in this post. It might take more than one week–ha.

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4 Responses to 52 Ancestors: #6 of 52: The “Greats” of the Netherlands, So Far Away

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  3. Dana Leeds, The Enthusiastic Genealogist says:

    Yes, it’ll probably take more than one week! 🙂 This pace of one person per week is a lot tougher than I expected!


  4. labwriter says:

    I agree with you, Dana. It just so happens that right now I have some extra time to work on these posts, and that’s great because it’s helping me to pull together my research on these people. Soon enough, however, my time will be taken up with other things. But I figure even if I get to the point where I’m just posting a photo about someone and making a few comments, that will be OK.


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